Did I Tell You I Love You Today?

If You Could Go Back 40 Years With Today's Knowledge, What Would You Change?

This is the story of Jake and Anna set against a backdrop of adventure, emotion, and inspiration. The book follows Jake as he travels across time and space into his past and struggles to take the lessons learned in his life and apply them to carefully create a brighter future and save his family.

This book through love, lossDivider, discovery, and renewal forces you to ask questions that truly matter in life. Above all, ask yourself, what would you change if life gave you a second chance?

Testimonials From Readers

An excellently told story

What would you do if you had another chance to fix past mistakes? To go back in time? Would you be teachable? Would you be grateful? Would you take personal responsibility?

In this book , we experience the worst thing that could happen, the death of a beloved one, that could have been avoided by a few changes in lifestyle, and, the relief of a chance to go back in time to change the future, or better than that, a journey to put you on a path of a better life with advice for moving forward.

Of course, we can’t change the past, but if we follow these guidelines in this book, we just might make our ending legendary, to those who matter the most, ourselves and our loved ones.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. An excellently told story with present scenarios, a bit of nostalgic past times, and a hopeful future, we can all gain something from this book that’ll set us up on a path to success.

Rieshia Bass - Elizabeth City, NC

All The Elements Of A Great Movie

The characters come to life from the author’s wonderful, descriptive writing in this beautiful love story. I couldn’t put this book down! It has all the elements of a great movie, with the endearing love story of the main characters, tear-jerker adventure, and most of all inspiration. This book definitely is thought-producing. How can this read positively affect your life?

Peggy Evans - Virginia Beach, VA

A Really Good Read!

This book pulls the reader into an adventure where the past is just as present as today. True love really does conquer all for Jake and Anna in a powerful love story that transcends time. The lessons in this book will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page. I highly recommend it!

Jo K - Virginia Beach, VA

Truly Made Me Think!

DID I TELL YOU I LOVE YOU TODAY? truly made me think! So often in our newly married years we think only in the moment. As we age, we look back and wonder what would WE have done differently? This could have been a “quick read” if it hadn’t made me think back. So many challenge2 Columns for the characters but so well written I felt I knew each one.

Ann Williamson - Danville, VA

Highly Recommended!

I really enjoyed reading this book. I’ve known Rory and Zelia for 50 years. I have witnessed the struggles he has gone through, especially with Zelia’s health issues. I honestly don’t think I could have handled it. I’ve seen Rory grow stronger as a person through the years because of the struggles he’s faced. They have made him well qualified to talk about the principles he describes in his book. We would all be wise to apply these principles to our own lives. Highly Recommended!

Gerald Briscoe- Virginia Beach

I Couldn’t Put It Down.

Rory has turned a difficult personal struggle into pure inspiration. Whether you read it for the powerful story, the mind-bending science fiction, or the life lessons, you will come away enriched. It’s great advice for your career, but more importantly, for your personal growth, all wrapped up in a book I couldn’t put down.

Bob Collier - Cary, NC

Engaging and Inspiring!

I found this book both engaging and inspiring. A moving story of love lost and through a miraculous turn of events regained. The life lessons revealed demonstrates how small changes in your day to day life can have a huge impact not only on you but the loved ones around you. Truly a book you’ll want to share with friends.

Lynn Graham - South Mills, NC

A truly Inspiring Book!

“Did I Tell You I Love You Today?” is a truly inspiring book. Rory Graham touches on an aspect of life that nearly everyone can identify with: the desire to go back in time and change things for the better for ourselves and those we love. Even though we can’t actually go back in time, this book provides us with time-tested advice that can powerfully guide us into our future. The lessons are universal and beneficial to people of any age or station in life. I give this book my highest recommendation.

Ken Morrison - Graham, NC

A Most Interesting Concept

Oh! What a love! Such sorrow, grief, and desperate wishes. That’s what I read in this fiction writing. Also a most interesting concept. All of us, (if we live long enough) have had a painful experience to live through. I believe, we would like to go back and have a redo. However; what a mess we might make for others.

So read, enjoy and have your own “Jake” fantasy experience. It could be fun to think like “Jake “!

Renee Armbruster - Suffolk, VA

A True Love Story!

A true love story – I’ve often thought of you and your wife and wondered how she was doing

Take care for many lives will be changed from reading and learning to Express Love & Be Loved

Laurie Dodson - Virginia Beach, VA2 Column

Enjoying It Immensely!

My copy just arrived and I’m enjoying it immensely!

Amado Narvaez - Norfolk, VA

Great Read!

This is a really sweet story with a lot of touching moments throughout. It has life lessons with some adventure and an inspiring love story all wrapped up into one book. I would recommend!

Spencer S. Virginia Beach

A True Story From the Heart!

This book encourages the reader to love who and what you have right now. A compelling story from the first chapter to the end. I found this book to be a true inspiration. I highly recommend it.

Charlie Glaize - Chesapeake, VA

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Outstanding – A Good Read

Well written, interesting story line, compassionate love story. The thoughtfulness of Jake and love for Anna is a tear jerker. Anna faith in the Lord and the strength she displayed during her illness is very uplifting.

Transition from 2022 to 1980 was outstanding keeping the reader riveted with Jake 2.0 in a Jake 1.0 body. How he convinced his father and lovingly explained his situation to Anna. Not revealing too much, his interaction with his son Shawn is heart warming. His commitment to help his mother and Anna through his “Random Thoughts”, in his journal are words to live by for anyone looking to get ahead.

Again his Transition “BACK TO THE FUTURE”, was seamless, well thought out and keeps the reader riveted. Overall all a page turner and a good read.

Bonnie Wilson - Chesapeake, VA